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LIGHTNING BOLT : Hypermagic Mountain 2xlp

Label: Load
LIGHTNING BOLT : Hypermagic Mountain 2xlp LIGHTNING BOLT
lp: 9 €  (Sold out)
The world's coolest drum and bass duo returns with an awesome longplay filled with sonic violence like no other. The sheer volume of the instruments and how it's been captured on this cd just seems to defy all the laws of digital audio recording. Seriously. Even at low volumes this mayhem just seems to be tearing it's way out of the speakers and into your brain!

Released: 18.10.2005
1. 2 Morro Morro Land (3:43)
2. Captain Caveman (3:19)
3. Birdy (3:06)
4. Riffwraith (3:03)
5. Megaghost (6:01)
6. Magic Mountain (4:55)
7. Dead Cowboy (7:58)
8. Bizarro Zarro Land (4:47)
9. Mohawkwindmill (9:38)
10. Bizarro Bike (5:18)
11. Infinity Farm (2:46)
12. No Rest for the Obsessed (2:10)

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