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LIIMANARINA : Linkolalaista Lähiörokkia Landelta

Label: BV2
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cd: 14,50 €  (Sold out)
Classic Finnish anti-music.

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The second EIYL longplay, where the noise starts turning into coherent tracks and sing-along choruses.
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SLINT : Tweez lp
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Slint's first album from 1989. Instrumental pre-post-rock.
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10 €
A finnish avantgarde / free / punk / freak -compilation featuring the likes of Pillupuhelin (that's "Pussyphone" for you non-finns our there!), Valse Triste, Sur-rur, Radiopuhelimet, Can Can Heads, Fun and a whole lot more. All this for 8 euros!
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14,50 €
The lighter side of early Lou Reed / Velvet Underground. Gone is the mega-loud / avantgarde approach of the first two VU-records, replaced by timeless songwriting.
180-gram vinyl!
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