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LOCUST, THE : Follow the Flock, Step in Shit

LOCUST, THE : Follow the Flock, Step in Shit LOCUST, THE
cds/cdep: 4 €  (Sold out)
Spastic grind/noise. 3" shaped cd

1. "Follow the Flock, Step in Shit" 1:29
2. "Coffin Nails" 0:29
3. "Red" 1:09 [1]
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The precursor to the brilliant "vision creation newsun", "super are" is seven tracks of super-freaked Japanese gone-rock hypertronix from EYE, YAMAMOTOR, YOSHIMI P-WE, ATR, and HIRA. Digitally damaged metal, loopy electronics, skreed psych wanderlust, and tasty licks of general mayhem. "Handcrap" all around.
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"These avant-garde trailblazers continue their unique work that they started in 1970. Chaos, fear, irrationality, the grotesque, the absurd, darkness, surrealism and underground are all fitting definitions for Faust but still only modest attempts to describe one of the most notable rock bands in the world."
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Weirdo stream of conciousness punk / metal / hardcore.
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Jad Fair is that dude from Half Japanese, you know him. Here's his current stuff, it's weird.

On the back is the new hit by Moscow's Dairy High - "Love, Speed, Death". It's romantic, sweet and cool.
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