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LUBELSKI, SAMARA : Parallel Suns

lp: 14 €  (Sold out)
"Avant folk violinist and Thurston Moore collaborator Samara Lubelski released PARALLEL SUNS on the Social Registry label in 2007. The album finds Lubelski indulging in a fluttering, wistful, and occasionally dreamy form of indie folk-pop. Lubelski ... Full Descriptioncollaborates with a host of underground artists and tackles both guitar and violin here, but it's her hushed yet resonant vocals that mark every track. PARALLEL SUNS is equally enchanting and grounded--remote, yet warm and inviting."

Released: 2007
1. Have You Seen the Colors (3:15)
2. Taste the Candy (3:20)
3. Meeting of the Sun (2:38)
4. Snowy Meadows II (4:05)
5. Born from the Tree (3:52)
6. The Cloistered Palace (3:44)
7. Ego Blossoms (4:13)
8. Spirit of the Age (2:57)
9. Greener Grass (2:51)

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