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MAGYAR POSSE : Kings of Time

Label: Verdura
cd: 13 €  (Sold out)
Mighty finnish post-rock soundscapes from the cradle of finnish experimentalism - Pori.

Released: 2004
1. 1 (7:31)
2. 2 (5:24)
3. 3 (11:01)
4. 4 (6:04)
5. 5 (6:35)
6. 6 (5:08)
7. 7 (6:34)

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Finnish melodic punk the best it's been done since the first Eppu Normaali -lp!!!
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Eppu Normaali's first record may be one of the best Finnish punk records ever and this band brings that stuff to the 21st century! Brilliant melodic punkrock!
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-Finnish post-rock with lots of cinematic flavor. This debut-record might not hold a candle to its follow-up 'Kings of Time', but nevertheless an impressive debut that doesn't leave any doubt to the fact that something even more impressive was to come.
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10 €
Grrrrreat melodic punkrock from Finland! Hüskers meets old Apulanta maybe... or something not anything like that at all. You never know with these cats, as they're as unpredictable as the Replacements!
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