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MAGYAR POSSE : We Will Carry You Over the Mountains

Label: Verdura
MAGYAR POSSE : We Will Carry You Over the Mountains MAGYAR POSSE
cd: 12 €  (Sold out)
-Finnish post-rock with lots of cinematic flavor. This debut-record might not hold a candle to its follow-up 'Kings of Time', but nevertheless an impressive debut that doesn't leave any doubt to the fact that something even more impressive was to come.

Released: 2002
1. Sleepwalker (4:07)
2. Witchcraft (4:55)
3. Singlesparks Are Spectral Fires (4:16)
4. Pacific Ocean / Death in the Desert (10:42)
5. [untitled] (5:44)
6. Enemy Within (3:12)
7. The Endless Cycle of Violence (6:44)
8. Lufthan (6:50)

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