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cd: 10 €  (Sold out)
Debut longplayer from this finnish band that does it's best to give emo a good name by providing some contrast to the stupid guitar rock / powerpop-boybands that pose as punk these days. This record has a lot of the thing it's named after and some great songs to boot!

Released: 08/2000
1. Paralyzed (2:51)
2. Our New Lenins (3:13)
3. Luxury of Indifference (3:04)
4. There's Always Someone (1:38)
5. Truths Yesterday (3:17)
6. A Promise (3:56)
7. Filter (2:55)
8. Desire (3:56)
9. I'm All Smiles When Your Plans Come Crashing Down (2:53)
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