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Label: BYO
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cd: 10 €  (Sold out)
Finnish dark and intense emo, more than a bit in debt to vintage emotional hardcore like DC-heroes Rites of Spring. Recommended shit!
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The second EIYL longplay, where the noise starts turning into coherent tracks and sing-along choruses.
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Cool punkrock / hardcore zine! 48 pages, A5 b/w. Interviews with Spoiled Betty, Roach Motel, Pahaa Verta and Keripukki.
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Agricore from Periferia! These dude's have been blasting out their brand of hardcore that's as sensitive as an inbred woodsman with a rusty chainsaw for 20+ years already and they show absolutely no sign of weariness! Finnish hardcore just doesn't get better than Valse Triste!
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