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cd: 11 €  (Sold out)
"It is about mixing electronic soundscapes with rock-improvisation, to form a dynamic whole of noise and other influences, with a distinctive sound. It is about abandoning all familiar ways of organizing sounds, staying on that fragile-looking ground where music and noise meet. It seems that the ground is actually quite solid after all." -Tomi Pekkola / Markku Lahtelan Sirkus

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"This Seattle indie-punk trio's Wu-Tang-referencing third album is sinister and melodramatic enough to evoke the collective spirit of comic-book bad guys. But their rock operatics more closely recall Hexxus, the smoggy antagonist of '90s eco-adventure FernGully. Like Tim Curry's amorphous pollution monster, vocalist Sam Mickens seems to waft around, moaning and spitting evil lines with little discernible purpose."
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