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MELT BANANA : Bambi's Dilemma

Label: A-Zap
lp: 12,50 €  (Sold out)
Explosive noiserock from Japan.

"The band's traditional fan contingent – disconcerted with the poppier direction that the last few records have taken – will be pleased with this album. The first half sees them veer even further into pop territory, while the second is something of a homecoming with a revisiting of the half-a-minute noise explosions that defined their early releases. Whether they’re toying with 'Hey Mickey'-style vocal parts or retesting the trademark double-speed aural fuckery, Bambi’s Dilemma sends out a clear message that the Japanese trio are worth the three-year wait."

Released: 24.4.2007
1. Spider Snipe (2:12)
2. Blank Page of the Blind (2:18)
3. Cracked Plaster Cast (2:13)
4. Heiwaboke Crisis (1:36)
5. Cat Brain Land (2:11)
6. Plasma Gate Quest (1:41)
7. Type: Ecco System (3:58)
8. The Call of the Vague (2:04)
9. Green Eyed Devil (2:24)
10. Crow's Paint Brush (Color Repair) (2:39)
11. T for Tone (0:32)
12. Slide Down (0:49)
13. Lock the Head (0:44)
14. One Drop, One Life (0:55)
15. In Store (0:56)
16. Dog Song (1:20)
17. Chain Keeper (1:22)
18. Last Target on the Last Day (5:03)

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