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MELVINS : Nude With Boots

Label: Ipecac
cd: 16.50 €  (Sold out)
Brand new Melvins album! Sounds just like it should: slugdy, noisy and MEAN!

Released: 06/2008
1. The Kicking Machine (2:44)
2. Billy Fish (3:52)
3. Dog Island (7:32)
4. Dies Iraea (4:33)
5. Suicide in Progress (4:46)
6. The Smiling Cobra (3:42)
7. Nude With Boots (3:35)
8. Flush (1:07)
9. The Stupid Creep (1:30)
10. The Savage Hippy (3:34)
11. It Tastes Better Than the Truth (5:20)

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