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M.I.A : Boyz

M.I.A : Boyz M.I.A
12": 3 €  (Sold out)
The first single / ep from M.I.A's very well received 2nd album Kala. Anarchistic dancehall / electro / hipohp etc combination!

1. Boyz (album)
2. Boyz - Inst
3. Boyz - Acapella

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(Sold out)
6 €
Alias continues his trip through wordless soundscapes with his third full-length and first collaborative instrumental album, “Lillian”. Ehren Whitney, eleven years Brandon's junior, was only three when his big brother started plastering the walls of their room with posters of screw-faced rappers but the music's crotch tight grip never quite got a hold of him. Alias's trademark sounds are all here-- crunchy fuzz, bassy cut up drums, pop-and-click percussion, atmospheric synth, ghostly guitars-- but they're made bright and buoyant by Ehren's incredible ear for melody. The end result is “Lillian”, a warm and wonderful album inspired by (and named after) their grandmother.
(Sold out)
(Sub Pop
4 €
Outta control electrodancepunk!
(Sold out)
M.I.A : Kala cd
10 €
The electro sensation of recent years! Buy this record or die!
(Sold out)
6 €
An ep from our favorite bedroom hiphop/indiepop-fusionist.
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