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MILEMARKER : Future Isms

MILEMARKER : Future Isms
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cd: 3 €  (Sold out)
Milemarker's second full length release, it documents the transition into their new wave meets post hardcore sound.

Released: 1/2002
1. New Lexicon (2:32)
2. Make Love to the Camera Obscura (2:22)
3. Me, Sweatshirt; You, Jacket (3:35)
4. Home Theatre Made Easy (2:45)
5. Infant Technology (3:01)
6. Xanax (3:31)
7. Address (3:35)
8. Occupational Hazards (2:39)
9. Somnambulism (2:41)
10. Alchemy (2:00)
11. Engine (5:03)

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"This is a musical journey to the shores of imagined inner lands and to the forests of hopes and dreams. These songs represent the picture of continents that Iíve not visited yet. From the northern Scandinavia I include here some moments of beauty of my country, the nature, cities and villages."
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