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MINGUS, CHARLES : Blues & Roots

Label: Atlantic
cd: 6,50 €  (Sold out)
A jazz classic.

Mingus explained the birth of this record in the album's liner notes:
"This record is unusual—it presents only one part of my musical world, the blues. A year ago, Nesuhi Ertegün suggested that I record an entire blues album in the style of Haitian Fight Song, because some people, particularly critics, were saying I didn't swing enough. He wanted to give them a barrage of soul music: churchy, blues, swinging, earthy. I thought it over. I was born swinging and clapped my hands in church as a little boy, but I've grown up and I like to do things other than just swing. But blues can do more than just swing. So I agreed. "

Released: 1959
A1. "Wednesday Night Prayer Meeting" – 5:39
A2. "Cryin' Blues" – 4:58
A3. "Moanin'" – 7:57
B1. "Tensions" – 6:27
B2. "My Jelly Roll Soul" – 6:47
B3. "E's Flat Ah's Flat Too" – 6:37

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