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MINOR THREAT : Complete Discography

Label: Dischord
MINOR THREAT : Complete Discography MINOR THREAT
cd: 14 €  (Sold out)
Please don't tell me you need an introduction for this band. Minor Threat's body of work is easily the strongest any band ever has produced. Their whole career spans only 26 songs, but out of those songs about 26 are touching perfection. If for some absurd reason you don't have this stuff, do something about it, quick.

Released: 01/1990
1. Filler (1:32)
2. I Don't Wanna Hear It (1:13)
3. Seeing Red (1:02)
4. Straight Edge (0:45)
5. Small Man, Big Mouth (0:55)
6. Screaming at a Wall (1:31)
7. Bottled Violence (0:53)
8. Minor Threat (1:27)
9. Stand Up (0:53)
10. 12XU (1:03)
11. In My Eyes (2:49)
12. Out of Step (With the World) (1:16)
13. Guilty of Being White (1:18)
14. Steppin' Stone (2:12)
15. Betray (3:02)
16. It Follows (1:50)
17. Think Again (2:18)
18. Look Back and Laugh (3:16)
19. Sob Story (1:50)
20. No Reason (1:57)
21. Little Friend (2:18)
22. Out of Step (1:20)
23. Cashing In (3:44)
24. Stumped (1:55)
25. Good Guys (Don't Wear White) (2:14)
26. Salad Days (2:43)

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