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MINUTEMEN : The Punch Line

Label: SST
lp: 12 €  (Sold out)
"The Punch Line is the first full-length album and third record release by influential punk/alternative trio The Minutemen, and the fourth-ever release from SST Records. To the average listener, "album" may be a minor misnomer as the total playing time for all eighteen songs is a mere fifteen minutes even; however, the album proved to be an early milestone release for both the band and SST.

The Punch Line is also notable for being the only album to feature lead vocals from all three Minutemen. Bassist and primary songwriter Mike Watt sings lead vocals on several tracks, including the opening track "Search", "Ruins", and the last three tracks of the album, "Gravity", "Warfare" and "Static", while drummer George Hurley does a lead vocal (referred to on the album's back cover as "giv(ing) a speech") in the middle of "Ruins"."

1. Search (0:53)
2. Tension (1:20)
3. Games (1:04)
4. Boiling (0:57)
5. Disguises (0:48)
6. The Struggle (0:41)
7. Monuments (0:51)
8. Ruins (0:49)
9. Issued (0:41)
10. The Punch Line (0:41)
11. Song For El Salvador (0:32)
12. History Lesson (0:38)
13. Fanatics (0:31)
14. No Parade (0:51)
15. Straight Jacket (0:59)
16. Gravity (0:57)
17. Warfare (0:55)
18. Static (0:51)

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