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MINUTEMEN : What Makes a Man Start Fires

Label: SST
MINUTEMEN : What Makes a Man Start Fires MINUTEMEN
lp: 11,50 €  (Sold out)
"What Makes a Man Start Fires? is the second full-length album and fifth release overall by influential punk/alternative power trio Minutemen.

At almost twice the length of their previous album, The Punch Line, the Minutemen's songs began surpassing the two-minute mark. Breaking another Minutemen record, the band took the longest time they took to date to record What Makes A Man Start Fires?. The basic tracks were recorded in one late-night session, but then the band held two separate late-night sessions for guitar and vocal overdubs. While the songwriting credits are shared amongst all three Minutemen, all of the music for the album was composed exclusively by bassist Mike Watt; the bass-centered origins of the songs is especially apparent on such tracks as "Bob Dylan Wrote Propaganda Songs", "Sell Or Be Sold", and "The Anchor" . All three members contributed lyrics.

Also for the first time on a Minutemen record, the band had a guest musician, Saccharine Trust guitarist Joe Baiza, who added improvised guitar leads to "Beacon Sighted Through Fog" and "East Wind/Faith". Drummer George Hurley introduces his first non-drum percussion work on a Minutemen album, playing a collection of empty oil drums on "East Wind/Faith"."

1. Bob Dylan Wrote Propoganda Songs (1:29)
2. One Chapter in the Book (1:02)
3. Fake Contest (1:43)
4. Beacon Sighted Through Fog (1:00)
5. Mutiny in Jonestown (1:08)
6. East Wind/Faith (2:08)
7. Pure Joy (1:29)
8. '99 (1:00)
9. The Anchor (2:34)
10. Sell or Be Sold (1:44)
11. The Only Minority (1:00)
12. Split Red (0:53)
13. Colors (2:05)
14. Plight (1:37)
15. The Tin Roof (1:08)
16. Life as a Rehearsal (1:34)
17. This Road (1:24)
18. Polarity (1:48)

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