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MÚM : Sing Along to Songs You Don't Know

MÚM : Sing Along to Songs You Don't Know MÚM
cd: 18 €  (Sold out)
Fifth studio album of Icelandic experimental pop!

Released: 24.08.2009
1. If I Were a Fish (4:16)
2. Sing Along (5:39)
3. Prophecies and Reversed Memories (4:06)
4. A River Don't Stop to Breathe (4:45)
5. The Smell of Today Is Sweet Like Breastmilk in the Wind (4:47)
6. Show Me (3:45)
7. Húllabbalabbalúú (3:27)
8. Blow Your Nose (4:07)
9. Kay-ray-kú-kú-kó-kex (3:57)
10. The Last Shapes of Never (2:27)
11. Illuminated (4:09)
12. Ladies of the New Century (3:45)

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