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MOORE, THURSTON : Trees Outside the Academy

MOORE, THURSTON : Trees Outside the Academy MOORE, THURSTON
pict. lp: 15,50 €  (Sold out)
Thurston Moore's first solo record since 1995's Psychic Hearts! It was recorded at J. Mascis' home studio by Moore with Sonic Youth's Steve Shelley and violinist Samara Lubelski

Released: 18.7.2007
1. Frozen Gtr (4:06)
2. The Shape Is in a Trance (4:39)
3. Honest James (3:49)
4. Silver > Blue (5:51)
5. Fri/End (3:19)
6. American Coffin (3:56)
7. Wonderful Witches (2:24)
8. Off Work (4:12)
9. Never Day (4:01)
10. Free Noise Among Friends (0:34)
11. Trees Outside the Academy (5:50)
12. Thurston@13 (2:37)

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