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Label: Earache
cd: 10 €  (Sold out)
Classic death metal!

Released: 1993
1. Rapture (4:17)
2. Pain Divine (3:57)
3. World of Shit (The Promised Land) (3:20)
4. Vengeance Is Mine (3:15)
5. The Lion's Den (4:45)
6. Blood on My Hands (3:43)
7. Angel of Disease (6:15)
8. Sworn to the Black (4:01)
9. Nar Mattaru (2:06)
10. God of Emptiness (5:26)
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Circle's 11th album (from 2004)! Grrreat prog/kraut jams!

"Guillotine marks one of the stranger turns in a career already dotted with absurd mood swings and radical shifts in direction. Circle’s newfound shambolic tendencies have less immediate appeal than the taut stateliness of past milestones, but that’s probably the point; time, energy and contemplation are required to penetrate Lehtisalo’s thick cloudcover of introverted perverseness."
-Dusted Reviews
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16,50 €
"Almost 64 minutes for just 3 experimental rock songs. Maybe songs isn't the right word: compositions might be better. Each composition on F# A# (Infinity) is at least 14 minutes long, consisting of a number of sections which are gently woven into each other. The arrangements move slowly, building from peaceful but dark musical landscapes to breathtaking and powerful pieces of music..."
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12,50 €
Apocalyptic post-rock. This is the best thing this band ever released, hence it's the best thing to come out of this genre.
(Sold out)
13,50 €
"Sounds of raindrops falling on sheet metal roof melted together with old television's random-dot-pattern-noise. Leena Uotila's soft voice echoed in empty, dusty rooms. Catowls gathered to the sky, appletrees were blooming and waves rocked a barrell against the pier. Suddenly all this started to form esoteric mildew to cassette's magnetic tape. I finished our work with prayer only a moment before the cold winds rose from Saimaa."
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