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MR. YAKAMOTO : Erikoisdance 10 - New Age Home Recordings

MR. YAKAMOTO : Erikoisdance 10 - New Age Home Recordings MR. YAKAMOTO
cdr: 5 €  (Sold out)
"File under - electronics, neo new age, synthesizer/drum machine music, midi jazz, outsider dance, techno, electro, ambient"
-Erikoismies MySpace

Mr. Yakamoto "New Age Home Recordings"

(Release date August 2008)

The 10th installment in the series of Erikoisdance CDr’s, now in its 4th year, celebrates the tradition and creative technological approach of New Age Synthesizer Music.

Marrying the rugged, unrefined aesthetics of home studio production with the creative capacity of equipment such as the Emax II — descendant of the groundbreaking Emulators: the flagships of high-end sampling technology manufactured by Emu Systems in the 80’s, used to their full spectrum by the likes of Software and Kitaro — Mr. Yakamoto conjures up a vibrant sonic palette of melancholic beauty, harmony and the unexpected.

Includes exclusive Rainer Werner mix/edit!

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