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MUDHONEY : The Lucky Ones

Label: Sub Pop
cd: 16,50 €  (Sold out)
Mudhoney's greatest album since their heyday! Dumb-ass rock n' roll oblivion!

Released: 05/2008
1. I'm Now (2:40)
2. Inside Out Over You (3:25)
3. The Lucky Ones (4:52)
4. Next Time (3:01)
5. And the Shimmering Light (3:05)
6. The Open Mind (2:26)
7. What's This Thing? (2:53)
8. Running Out (3:28)
9. Tales of Terror (3:17)
10. We Are Rising (4:30)
11. New Meaning (2:39)
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The record that bridges the early fast and frantic Black Flag and the latter day progressive sludge metal-flavored (post-)punk. Side A is the way Black Flag will be remembered: angry, furious yet catchy as hell whereas side B shows the path they were starting to take, a more difficult one of Black Sabbath -type gloomy sludgecore.
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Debut tape from one of the most promising new hardcore bands in finland. Seven songs in ten minutes, including a State of Alert coversong, cool cover art and a lyric insert.
Limited to 100 copies. Get yours fast.
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Hyper-satanic thrash/grind/hardcore fueled with heavy alcohol consumption and (un)necessary violence in a way that only finns know how. Brutal shit.
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