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Label: Ektro
cd: 14 €  (Sold out)
The CD reissue of Mummi Kutoo's self-titled debut is a must for anyoneinterested in Finland's currently hip psychedelic-folk scene (Lau Nau,Kiila, Avarus, etc.). It's also essential for fans of such post-hippiebeauties as the Incredible String Band, Roy Harper, Neil Young, and Pink Floyd. First released by the immortal Love Records, Mummi Kutoo is much morethan eclectic folk rock that employs instruments like piano, banjo, tuba, and mandolin: the album's soft dreamscape exhibits a thorough understandingof melodic orchestral pop, fragile coffeehouse jazz, and light AM country. Nine unreleased bonus tracks appear alongside the original 1975 LP cuts.
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Debut album from 20 years ago by "upper and downer folk" artist Sami Kukka. This lp was a rare collectors' item on vinyl, but is now rereleased on cd by Helmilevyt!
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14,50 €

One of the greatest records made in Finland ever. R&S combine kraut-repetition, cheesy synths, amazing songs, Rättö's unique voice, psychedelic chants and a Kraftwerkian stoicness.
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(Hot Igloo
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The best of the best! Incudes 2 cds filled with a mixture of steaming funk and raw rock that equals to perfection.
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8 €
"Ok, now these blokes are not even in their twenties yet but they play like all hell's gonna break loose. TIGHT noisepunkrock in the vein of early Radiopuhelimet/Hero Dishonest/Jesus Lizard/etc, with a sackful of something completely their own (Finns should pay special attention to their clever lyrics). 15 tunes in 18 minutes, no bullshit."
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