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MUTINY! : Mutiny! #3/4

MUTINY! : Mutiny! #3/4 MUTINY!
zine: 3 €  (Sold out)
A classic Finnish indie fanzine.48 pages, b/w A4.

Dr. Gunni, Bastro, Laughing Hyenas, Otra Romppanen, Drunks With Guns, Sweetheart, Ugly, American Overkill, Honeymoon Killers...

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(Sold out)
3 €
Hey kiddies, you know what we did before the internet changed (ruined) the way people find out about music forever? We read Mutiny! (and a few other zines) to learn from cool bands like Zeni Geva, Sun City Girls, Jesus Lizard, Birthday Party etc. Finally after 10 long years of waiting, we've got a new issue, so BUY IT OR DIE!!!
(Sold out)
3 €
Legendary Finnish fanzine! #11 contains inspired writing about eg. Don Caballero, Jesus Lizard, Nomeansno, Minutemen, Yma Sumac etc... 68 pages, A4, b/w.
(Sold out)
5 €
A cool crossover-split between singer-songwriter Joose Keskitalo and drunkpunkers Kohu-63.
(Sold out)
12,50 €
Haven't heard the entire album yet, but Give It To Me RULES!!!
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