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NICO : The Marble Index

Label: Elektra
NICO : The Marble Index NICO
cd: 7 €  (Sold out)
Neoclassical avantgarde gothic-folk. Or something to that effect.

1. "Prelude" 1:00
2. "Lawns of Dawns" 3:11
3. "No One Is There" 3:37
4. "Ari's Song" 3:21
5. "Facing the Wind" 4:55
6. "Julius Caesar (Memento Hodie)" 5:02
7. "Frozen Warnings" 4:02
8. "Evening of Light" 5:40
+bonus tracks:
9. "Roses in the Snow" 4:10
10. "Nibelungen" 2:43

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