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cd: 12 €  (Sold out)
Australia's finest indie-poppers' third album that shares the top spot for the band's finest work with their latest, The Process. This band carries more talent than a hundred of yer average electronica-bands, and everyone who's seen these freaks live knows what we're talking about.

1. Polar Angle (4:04)
2. Hemisphere (2:18)
3. Transient (3:29)
4. Cois Il Hamdu Lilah (1:34)
5. Imperial (1:44)
6. Mesopotamia (7:20)
7. Revisionist (1:43)
8. Synthetic (4:51)
9. New Delhi (2:37)
10. Song For Sally (2:00)
11. To Come To This (3:55)
12. Pompeii (3:10)
13. Fielding (4:31)
14. Replica (3:34)
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