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Label: Patsy
cd: 13 €  (Sold out)
Ninetynine's second full lenght! Includes the "hit single" Wöekenender!

1. Woekenender (4:05)
2. Car Song (1:33)
3. Vox (3:19)
4. Manga Girl Cut (1:09)
5. Gamelan (0:32)
6. International Mario (3:34)
7. Dorsal (2:21)
8. Aztec (2:23)
9. Pavlovs Dog (3:16)
10. 1/2 (2:18)
11. Aerophobia (2:38)
12. Population 100 000 (2:02)
13. Hawaii (3:16)
14. Exponential (0:55)
15. Pandemic (4:24)
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