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NINETYNINE : Chapter99

cd: 12 €  (Sold out)
A compilation that spans the superb Ninetynine career from their first record '99' (1996) to their latest ep 'Dark Beloved Cloud' (2003). Definitely recommeded!
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(Sold out)
12 €
Australia's finest indie-poppers' fourth (and considered by many their greatest) album from 2002 finally back in stock. This band carries more talent than a hundred of yer average electronica-bands, and everyone who's seen these freaks live knows what we're talking about.
(Sold out)
13 €
Classic industrial punk / noiserock.
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A cool mixtape from one of the coolest MCs in Finland!
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Wonderfully innocent and hopelessly cute yet vividly danceable indiepop-electro.
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