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lp: 11 €  (Sold out)
Beefheart-esque punk from the grandpa's that know best!

Released: 08/2000
1. The Graveyard Shift (6:00)
2. Under the Sea (6:13)
3. Our Town (8:02)
4. A Little Too High (8:48)
5. Hello/Goodbye (6:20)
6. The Phone Call (8:40)
7. Bitch's Brew (15:03)
8. Beat on the Brat (3:56)

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"Sounds of raindrops falling on sheet metal roof melted together with old television's random-dot-pattern-noise. Leena Uotila's soft voice echoed in empty, dusty rooms. Catowls gathered to the sky, appletrees were blooming and waves rocked a barrell against the pier. Suddenly all this started to form esoteric mildew to cassette's magnetic tape. I finished our work with prayer only a moment before the cold winds rose from Saimaa."
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