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NOTWIST : The Devil, You + Me

Label: Domino
NOTWIST : The Devil, You + Me NOTWIST
cd: 12,50 €  (Sold out)
The Notwist's 6th album. Amazing German engineer-electronica pop.

Released: 17.06.2008
1. Good Lies (5:23)
2. Where in This World (4:38)
3. Gloomy Planets (4:49)
4. Alphabet (3:02)
5. The Devil, You + Me (3:39)
6. Gravity (3:56)
7. Sleep (3:46)
8. On Planet Off (5:06)
9. Boneless (2:55)
10. Hands on Us (4:28)
11. Gone Gone Gone (2:09)

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