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ODD NOSDAM : Level Live Wires

Label: Anticon
cd: 17 €  (Sold out)
"Another headnodic heavyhitter from the sonic maestro of cLOUDDEAD".
-Sticker on the record cover

"An Odd Nosdam record is something more than music"

This is a 2cd limited edition. -> "Also included with Level Live Wires’ first pressing is a limited bonus disc of isolated sonics—a fine ambient EP in its own right—that allows listeners to hear the album’s underpinnings from Odd Nosdam’s peerless perspective."

Released: 28.8.2007

1. On 0:57
2. Kill Tone 5:10
3. We Dead 1:20
4. Freakout 3 4:04
5. Fat Hooks 5:46
6. Blast 1:49
7. The Kill Tone Two 4:54
8. Burner 5:49
9. Up In Flames 4:53
10. Slight Return 1:57
11. Off 3:16

1. Lil Tone Kill (2:18)
2. Freakout 3 Sound 1 (1:45)
3. Freakout 3 Sound 2 (0:22)
4. Full On/Off (4:24)
5. Flames on Tape (0:29)
6. Flames Sound (1:29)
7. JB Doug Hook (2:43)
8. Ambient Fat Hooks (5:00)
9. Lil Tone Kill Two (2:08)
10. Again (1:01)
11. Burn (2:02)
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