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ODD NOSDAM : Pretty Swell Explode 2xlp

Label: Anticon
ODD NOSDAM : Pretty Swell Explode 2xlp ODD NOSDAM
lp: 20,50 €  (Sold out)
Prolific producer and remixer Odd Nosdam unifies those twin pursuits with this latest outing, piecing together a two-disc collection of remixes, B-sides and some eight new productions exclusive to this release. One of these exclusives is a remix of Bracken's 'Four Thousand Style', subtitled as 'growin' up in the Hood' in honour of the Yorkshire band, and it transpires to be one of the pivotal moments on the album - arguably the strongest track here. Another contender for that title is the 'Untitled Sketch' recorded with a Jessica Bailiff vocal that crops up towards the end of the album. It's a slightly more song-like, involving piece of work than the majority of material on PSE 1 so stands out a little. Over on PSE 2 it's all very different. The music here tends towards far more abstract textures, with scant use of those trademark bitcrushed drum breaks. Instead, it predominantly comes closer to Tim Hecker-like drone, despite the inclusion of Nosdam's high profile mix of Boards Of Canada's 'Dayvan Cowboy'.

Released: 10.06.2008
1. Untitled Three (JB's OG mix) (2:28)
2. Don't Come Down Here (Blasted remix) (5:25)
3. Freshman (remix) (4:08)
4. D C (Bit) (1:34)
5. Hollow Me (3:38)
6. No Good (Nosdam's dub) (3:53)
7. (Growin Up in the Hood) Four Thousand Style (5:33)
8. Wreck Time (0:38)
9. Ligaya (remix) (4:47)
10. Untitled Sketch (feat. Jessica Bailiff) (3:19)
11. Forever Heavy (Shoegangster / JB remix) (4:08)
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