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OFFICE BUILDING : Across The Sleeping Seas

cd: 10 €  (Sold out)
Finland's #1 tearjerker Janne Laurila + crew painting some pretty melancholic audio pictures. Bringin' Paul Anka to the 21st century.

Released: 2001
1. Intro (1:17)
2. Makes No Difference (4:02)
3. Sleeping Seas (4:36)
4. Heart So Bare (4:18)
5. Standing Beside You (6:39)
6. You're in the Songs I'm Singing (3:31)
7. Velvet Hum (4:00)
8. All Roses (4:25)
9. Like a Feather (5:34)
10. The Sweetest Work of Art (4:46)

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