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OMNI GIDEON : Erikoisdance 11 - "Sähkölasku"

OMNI GIDEON : Erikoisdance 11 - "Sähkölasku" OMNI GIDEON
cdr: 5 €  (Sold out)
With persistent determination Omni Gideon lets synth funk simmer down to a pulp – at times reducing it to a clear liquid, surface sprinkled with washes of skeletal electricity, at times to a quagmire of analog oscillation, MIDI overflow and short-circuiting drum machines.
Sähkölasku is a song of praise, lauding both the beauty of the synthetic soundwave and the independent creative power of machines.
The CDr contains an exclusively comissioned edit by Helsinki House legend ODJ Harri.

File under – electronics, post-house, midi jazz, outsider dance, creative automation, home recording, electro

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"File under - electronics, neo new age, synthesizer/drum machine music, midi jazz, outsider dance, techno, electro, ambient"
-Erikoismies MySpace
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