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ON A SOLID ROCK : Steal It Back

ON A SOLID ROCK : Steal It Back
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lp: 6 €  (Sold out)
New kings of melodic Finnish hardcore! R.I.P.

Released: 2004
1. Just Like You (3:11)
2. Living Between (2:42)
3. Eyes of a Dying Man (3:19)
4. In My Heart (1:58)
5. Steal It Back (2:43)
6. Masks (1:59)
7. Without the Truth (3:13)
8. No Antibiotic Will Heal Us From This (2:57)
9. Ugly Pictures (1:53)
10. This World (1:57)
11. Let It Die (1:47)
12. Days of the Daisy Cutter (0:39)
13. Paralyzed on the Path to Freedom (3:57)
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