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ONEIDA : Each One Teach One (2xcd)

Label: Jagjaguwar
ONEIDA : Each One Teach One (2xcd) ONEIDA
cd: 9 €  (Sold out)
"A sprawling monster of an album, Oneida's Each One Teach One is a double-disc set that is equal parts compelling and difficult. The first disc comprises two extended fifteen-minute tracks, each one based on a single pummeling riff that is repeated ad nauseum with tiny variations. These songs will leave some banging their heads and most others wanting to bang their head against a wall. The very idea seems unpleasant, but somehow Oneida pulls it off, beating the shit out of the groove and making the most of dense, subtly shifting textures. There's not a single second that isn't filled with melting organ drones, fuzzed-out guitar, or overwhelming electronics.

The second disc is much more accessible. It's song lengths are conventional, but the stoner-psych-rock freak-out continues, with nods to Krautrock experimentalism: tape loops, backward recording and more."

Released: 1.10.2002
Disc 1
1. Sheets Of Easter 14:15
2. Antibiotics 16:38

Disc 2
1. Each One Teach One (3:25)
2. People of the North (4:29)
3. Number Nine (2:53)
4. Sneak Into the Woods (1:58)
5. Rugaru (6:33)
6. Black Chamber (3:06)
7. No Label (4:57)
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