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ORKESTAR BUSINESS CLASS : Orkestar Business Class

cd: 14 €  (Sold out)
Balkan / slavic folk tunes from Rovaniemi.

Released: 08/2008

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10 €
Twelve instrumental blasts recorded with a 4-tracker. Imagine Nine Inch Nails making music for a video game about vikings and you might get the idea. Yes we know, the Quake soundtrack already excists, but Midnight Pyre is more sentimental.
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14 €
A band that broke up after releasing just one cd-single coming back with a double-cd compilation?! You bet'cha! These dudes made such a lasting impression in early 2000's that they just had to come back and compile their unreleased and hard-to-find stuff on cd.
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9 €
A project of Farangs-dudes Janne Haavisto and Chris Cote. VERY eccentric (yet SUPERCOOL!) mix of far-eastern sounds mixed with blues and cinematics.
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6,50 €
Scott Walker's first solo album from 1967. Beautiful chanson-inspired easy listening with more depth than all the oceans in the world combined.
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