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OUT COLD : Two Broken Hearts Are Better Than One

Label: Acme
OUT COLD : Two Broken Hearts Are Better Than One OUT COLD
cd: 8,50 €  (Sold out)
The 4th and BEST album by Out Cold.. 14 tracks of what you’ve come to expect from them: fast, hard-hitting mean-assed hardcore. No bullshit.

1. High Maintenance (1:22)
2. Energy Vampire (1:56)
3. A is For Asshole (0:52)
4. You'll Never Learn (2:12)
5. Skinned Alive (1:38)
6. Dangerously Unstable (1:17)
7. Nailgun Murder (1:00)
8. Schizo (0:30)
9. One Trick Pony (1:43)
10. Crawlspace (1:24)
11. Restraining Order (0:22)
12. It Went Bang (2:37)
13. Deviant (0:56)
14. Spaceshot (1:12)
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