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PARTY OF HELICOPTERS : Space.. and how sweet it is

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lp: 4 €  (Sold out)
Bring together My Bloody Valentine, Iron Maiden, Ozzy and J Mascis on speed, 1988 indie rock and modern art punk and you get the best band in the world..!

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Magnolia Electric Co. is the seventh regular and final album by Songs:Ohia. It was recorded by Steve Albini at Electrical Audio in Chicago

"a watershed album, an artistic breakthrough, and the first album to fully realize Molina's potential."
--Delusions of Adequacy

"The sound of a major talent gone major league."
--Uncut rating: 8.2
(Sold out)
11,50 €
Amazing spastic post-punk trio that has influenced pretty much every important indie band in the world! Essential stuff!!!
(Sold out)
1 €
Melancholic stargazing pop from If Society homebase!

This record is available for free download from Viola Music Club
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