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PASSAGE : Forcefield Kids

Label: Anticon
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lp: 15 €  (Sold out)
Passage's is the kind of electro-new-wave-industrialfolk-hospital-waiting-room hope-hop that you can dance or die to. The self-produced “Forcefield Kids” is full of distorted lo-bit jiggy drums; chopped-up, backward harps and French horns; distinctive synths with envelopes and filters; acoustic guitars; playful, heavy words; and catchy-ass melodies. Passage capably references and blends a seemingly infinite library of influences. Who would have thought that someone could create a hardcore, new wave, melodious fast-raps record, with sweeter-than-candy indie-pop hooks? “The Forcefield Kids” is proudly and without apology a genre-defying record that just about embodies "the anticon sound." The songs on “The Forcefield Kids” speak on: the educational system, the post-cold war cold war, the legacy of white oppressorship, Dr. Laura, childhood, child molestation, loneliness and longing. They are sung with hungry desperation and darkly humorous undertones. Available also on CD.
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