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Label: Def Jux
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cd: 6 €  (Sold out)
Def Jux "supergroup" (Mr.Lif, Akrobatik, DJ Fakts One) that combines highly technical MCing, simple-yet-interesting old-skoolish beats and songs that make your booty move while the lyrics make your brain react. Revolution on the dance floor, baby! Think of the heyday of Public Enemy brought to the 21st century.

Released: 2005
1. Let's Move (2:59)
2. People 4 Prez (2:21)
3. BLŌ (3:22)
4. Memorial Day (3:33)
5. Love Letters (4:11)
6. Black Dialogue (3:06)
7. Frame Rupture (3:21)
8. What Have We to Lose?!? (2:46)
9. Party Hard (feat. Guru & Camutao) (3:50)
10. Career Finders (feat. Humpty Hump aka Shock G) (3:45)
11. 5 O'Clock (feat. Phonte of Little Brother) (4:05)
12. Breathe in the Sun (3:58)
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