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POLICE : Outlandos D'amour

POLICE : Outlandos D'amour POLICE
lp: 22,50 €  (Sold out)
The Police's classic debut album! Amazing combination of punk energy, reggae smoothness and pop sensibility.

Released: 11/1978
1. Next to You (2:54)
2. So Lonely (4:52)
3. Roxanne (3:15)
4. Hole in My Life (4:54)
5. Peanuts (4:01)
6. Can't Stand Losing You (3:04)
7. Truth Hits Everybody (2:55)
8. Born in the 50's (3:44)
9. Be My Girl-Sally (3:24)
10. Masoko Tanga (5:42)

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