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POLICE : Reggatta de Blanc

POLICE : Reggatta de Blanc POLICE
lp: 21,50 €  (Sold out)
The Police's second album that takes the innovativeness of their debut even further.

Released: 10/1979
1. Message in a Bottle (4:52)
2. Reggatta de Blanc (3:07)
3. It's Alright for You (3:14)
4. Bring on the Night (4:17)
5. Deathwish (4:16)
6. Walking on the Moon (5:04)
7. On Any Other Day (2:59)
8. The Bed's Too Big Without You (4:27)
9. Contact (2:39)
10. Does Everyone Stare (3:47)
11. No Time This Time (3:20)

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