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Q AND NOT U : Different Damage

Label: Dischord
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cd: 6 €  (Sold out)
This is the 2nd full length from Q and Not U. As a three piece Q and Not U have discovered an intense focus-their attention to the interplay between melodicism vs. rhythm continues to impress despite the loss of one of their guitarists. Available also on LP.

Released: 29.10.2002
1. Soft Pyramids (4:04)
2. So Many Animal Calls (2:08)
3. Air Conditions (3:58)
4. Black Plastic Bag (2:15)
5. Meet Me in the Pocket (4:29)
6. This Are Flashes (3:08)
7. Everybody Ruins (1:51)
8. Snow Patterns (2:59)
9. When the Line Goes Down (2:26)
10. O'No (1:13)
11. No Damage Nocturne (3:28)
12. Recreation Myth (3:53)

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