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Q AND NOT U : Power

Label: Dischord
cd: 7 €  (Sold out)
Q and not U boldly go in a new direction with “Power”. They incorporate tons of new electronic textures and dancewave accents advocated by their El Guapo/ Love Story pals. Songs like "Wonderful People" sound like an cross of Talking Heads ’77, Basement Jaxx, and Prince. Available also on LP.

Released: 5.10.2004
1. Wonderful People (3:07)
2. 7 Daughters (2:21)
3. L.A.X. (2:29)
4. Throw Back Your Head (2:56)
5. Wet Work (3:18)
6. District Night Prayer (1:16)
7. Collect the Diamonds (3:43)
8. Beautiful Beats (3:05)
9. Dine (3:11)
10. X-Polynation (2:47)
11. Passwords (2:56)
12. Book of Flags (2:44)
13. Tag-Tag (4:40)

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