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Q AND NOT U : Power

Label: Dischord
lp: 7 €  (Sold out)
Q and not U boldly go in a new direction with 'Power'. They incorporate tons of new electronic textures and dancewave accents advocated by their El Guapo/ Love Story pals. Songs like "Wonderful People" sound like an cross of Talking Heads ’77, Basement Jaxx, and Prince. Available also on CD.

Released: US 5.10.2004
1. Wonderful People (3:07)
2. 7 Daughters (2:21)
3. L.A.X. (2:29)
4. Throw Back Your Head (2:56)
5. Wet Work (3:18)
6. District Night Prayer (1:16)
7. Collect the Diamonds (3:43)
8. Beautiful Beats (3:05)
9. Dine (3:11)
10. X-Polynation (2:47)
11. Passwords (2:56)
12. Book of Flags (2:44)
13. Tag-Tag (4:40)

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“Turn” is the new ex full length which is eighty plus minutes in length. The Ex have released their best full length in years with “turn”. As always, songs are about freedom, pies and justice, confusion, insomnia, the nightmare that is called Kissinger, the power of poets and painters, dogs, sloths, sisters and more. “Turn” was recorded by Steve Albini at electrical audio studios. “Turn” is most definitely the most solid ex release since the early ninties. “Turn” is essential for all old fans as well as new fans.
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