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RACHEL'S, THE : Selenography

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lp: 7 €  (Sold out)
Rachel's is a collective of musicians based in Louisville, KY. Since releasing their first Quarterstick Records cd in 1995, the group has performed in libraries, churches, rock dungeons, ballrooms, gardens, bowling alleys, and movie theaters across North America and Europe. They have often worked with filmmakers, dance companies, stage productions, printmakers, and photographers. Their recordings and shows have elicited numerous descriptions including "subversives with a cello", "classical post-rock"," "post-classical", and "lo-fi Louisville loafers."

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A humongous jazz amoeba of 12-18 players (including various Bad Vugum luminaries from Aavikko and Cosmo Jones Beat Machine) totally irrationally mixing free skronk explosions and epic groove jazz with touches of Olé-era Coltrane, electric-funk Miles Davis, even Fela Kuti – all wrapped in a Sun Ra style trip to outer space.
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Steve Albini (Big Black / Shellac) with the rhythm section of Scratch Acid! What more could you seriously want?! Disturbing, in your face and lethal.
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"The release of this two-song EP marks the end of Slint's brief yet shockingly provocative career. The album contains an alternate version of Rhoda from Tweez, as well as one previously unreleased track, Glenn"
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6 €
As it is on Anticon you know it'll be no straight up instrumental beats album. With a lush but restrained emotional resonance it's a lot less sample based than the albums from Odd Nosdam. In fact tracks like 'Bathroom Mirror' could be Clouddead instrumentals as could many tracks on here. Several of the sixteen tracks on offer have stealth guest vocals from Passage and The Pedestrian who's own 'Unindian Songs' album is one to watch for early 2005 (his dope and politically heavy 'Toss & Turn' 12" drops this time next week also for Anticon).
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