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RADIOPUHELIMET : Radiopuhelimet rakastaa sinua

Label: If Society
RADIOPUHELIMET : Radiopuhelimet rakastaa sinua RADIOPUHELIMET
cd: 5 €  BUY»
The 12th longplay by the BEST FINNISH BAND. That's enough said to make you buy this. While other bands jump on the bandwagon and dissappear like a rat's fart in a desert before you can count to 4 Radiopuhelimet is in its 3rd decade of breath-taking mix of punk, funk, psychedelia and northern madness.

'Radiopuhelimet rakastaa sinua' contains 10 songs of upspeed Stooges punk with a touch of James Brown funk and The Fall weirdness. There's more off-tune keyboards and saxophones than before and they just make this record even more interesting and dirtier.

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