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RADIOPUHELIMET : Varmaa hapuilua 1987-2002 -2CD

Label: Hot Igloo
RADIOPUHELIMET : Varmaa hapuilua 1987-2002 -2CD RADIOPUHELIMET
cd: 15 €  (Sold out)
The best of the best! Incudes 2 cds filled with a mixture of steaming funk and raw rock that equals to perfection.

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"Almost 25 years after their ground-breaking proto-noisecore on the legendary Propaganda compilations, Sekunda return with their debut (!) album: 30+ screecingly raw but undeniably catchy blasts of oldschool hardcore in the vein of original Terveet Kädet and KTMK even, all executed in the best and noisiest Sekunda fashion. THIS is how hardcore punk was always meant to be!"
-BV2 website
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Amazing vintage punkrock a la early Eppu Normaali and such.
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Artsy pop somewhere between OK Computer -era Radiohead and Mellon Collie -era Smashing Pumpkins with a handful of Brian Eno thrown into the mix. Features members of Echo Is Your Love, Viola, Rinneradio, Killer, Siniaalto and others.
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Combat Rock Industry's second label sampler once again boasts some of the most succesful punk acts in our country at the moment, like Endstand, I Walk the Line, Manifesto Jukebox, Abduktio and Unkind + some foreign favorites like Bombshell Rocks and Nine.

Check this shit out if your new to the scene. It's a convenient introduction to finnish hardcore.

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