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Label: Gravity
lp: 14,50 €  (Sold out)
Screaming and lo-fi no-waving punk meets disco stuff that pre-dates the fancy-schmancy production values of the megahit 'Echoes'. Seriously groovy and fucking amazing!

1 In Finite Clock! 0:42
2 Notes 2:12
3 Olio 3:40
4 Frames Frames Frames 1:30
5 Mirror 5:06
6 Alienation 4:45
7 Dusk at Maureen's 1:58
8 In Love With the Underground [ kid606 remix] 4:38

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(Sold out)
!!! : !!! lp
12 €
Punk meets disco and your ass is on the dance floor! The first long play from this very hyped (with a reason!) group with the name that'll have people scrathing their heads and beats that'll have people shakin' their ass until the last drop of sweat.
(Sold out)
3,50 €
The debut 7 has been finally re-repressed after many years of being out of print. Self proclaimed as music to "get the punks dancing." Ex-members of The Yah Mos and Popesmashers play a weird mix of funk and punk, think if The Yah Mos added James Brown to their line up.
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70 €
A thoroughly insane edition of The Melvins' 2006 album. 4 (one-sided 45rpm) vinyls in an awesome box.
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7 €
The instant house-punk -classic that sets indie discos on fire everywhere in cool 12"-format. Don't get caught DJ'ing without this baby.
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